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Studujeme jazyky je portál určený studentům našich kurzů anglického jazyka. Každý týden v pondělí zde najdete nové studijní materiály, které využijete buď v rámci výuky angličtiny v hodinách s lektorem, nebo při samostudiu.

Business Writing

The Secret of Good Writing

16. 3. 2015

As a writer I read a lot. Much of what I read is about writing. Today I was reminded of some important things that I learnt about good writing from a master.

Business Writing

The Writing Process

9. 3. 2015

Often when I write I just park myself in front of the keyboard and start typing. This is fine when I want to capture an immediate thought, or have an idea that’s already formed in my head, but it does not result in a finished product. It does not result in a document that I would send to someone or use on my website.

Business Writing

Ensure your work is ‘typo-free’

2. 3. 2015

It’s easy to make a mistake when you’re typing. Our fingers often struggle to keep up with our brains and, in their rush, miss out words or type the wrong words. Some of the typos can be quite funny. But in business writing, being funny is not your aim.

Business Writing

Writing a Summary

23. 2. 2015

Sometimes at work you will need to write a summary. You may need to create an executive summary for a report, or to summarise a meeting. You may need to summarise some of your reading material to present to colleagues.

Business Writing

Create and use templates

16. 2. 2015

In the last tip I talked about using style guidelines to help make your documents look professional.

Business Writing

Follow your organisation’s style guidelines

9. 2. 2015

Organisations often like documents that they create to have a similar look and fell. Such organisations have style guidelines designed to make sure documents look clean and professional, and to make sure that their ‘brand’ is consistent.

Business Writing

Giving Opinions

2. 2. 2015

When you’re writing it may be important to state an opinion and to make it clear whose opinion you are giving. Is it your own? Perhaps it’s the opinion of an author, or a colleague?

Business Writing

Choose Your Words Carefully

26. 1. 2015

There are many words in English. Some of them formal, some informal. Some polite, some impolite. Some old-fashioned, some current. Each time you write you will be facing decisions about which words to use.

Business Writing

Signing off

19. 1. 2015

With correspondence in English the way that you sign off depends on whether you are writing a letter or an email, and whether you know the person’s name or not.

Business Writing

Use Headings

12. 1. 2015

Use headings and subheadings to make your content easy to scan.

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