Pollution causes people leaving Beijing

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Though their contract doesn’t terminate | close | lapse | expire until next year, Hannah and Ben have decided to leave the Chinese capital and return to the UK.

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Though their contract doesn’t __________ until next year, Hannah and Ben have decided to leave the Chinese capital and return to the UK.
The 34 year-old mother of two children said that it didn’t feel safe for their kids to play outside, because pollution had tipped the __________. Companies, schools and embassies all confirm the same - Beijing is rapidly losing its foreign employees.
The American Chamber of Commerce __________ whether organisations had experienced any difficulties in recruiting or retaining senior executives to work in China because of air quality issues.
The number of __________ answering ‘yes’ is gradually increasing. It was 19 % in 2008, 34 % in 2013 and 48 % in 2014.
Companies in many sectors report that managers are trying to escape the pollution asking to be __________. 56 % out of 5000+ people interviewed named health issues as one of the main reasons.
As a result, foreign enterprises are having difficulty attracting top talent to Beijing as many refuse to move __________ to its worsening air quality. “It’s hard to find a manager for Beijing today. It’s become a real challenge”, said recruiters.
In addition to this, international schools’ headmasters say that admissions fell by 5 % last year, because parents worry about the long-term effects of __________ their children to such foul air.
The pollution index rose to a level more than 20 times higher than recommended. Statistics found outdoor air pollution contributed to 1.2 million __________ deaths in China in 2010. However, the Chinese government has not been inactive, and people need to understand that there is no quick fix to cleaning the air.
A monitoring system has been __________ in all of China’s primary cities and millions of dollars have been invested to upgrade China’s industrial system.
Nonetheless, Beijing remains the political and economic centre and a recent survey still __________ China as its number one location for expats.

The reason is that some of the companies have taken radical measures offering higher compensation or paying weekly plane tickets for their executives to see their families settled elsewhere in Asia.