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I’ve collected all the documents that needs | are need | will be needed | need for the house sale.

Zkuste si on-line test z angličtiny a vyhodnocení dostanete obratem.

I've collected all the documents that __________ for the house sale.
Can you take them to the lawyer's office to __________?
Look, this is a huge secret. Come into the garden where we __________.
If you hadn't been so late for work, you __________.
This office is very inefficient. The telephone __________ promptly.
No proper records __________ here.
Worst of all, no reports __________ for weeks.
I was so worried about my flowers while I was in hospital, but I have very good neighbors. When I got home I could see that the vegetables __________ every day.
Even the grass __________ regularly.
Can you come to the police station? The man who __________ of stealing your phone is here.