Understanding dog’s life

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Will it ever be possible for us to know exactly | really | absolutely | totally what our pets are thinking or feeling?

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Will it ever be possible for us to know __________ what our pets are thinking or feeling?
Actually, this day may not be so __________ away.
A Japanese toy-making firm has __________ up with a gadget that can read a dog's emotions.
The company calls their __________ the 'Bowlingual'
The device is __________ to a special collar
which the dog __________ around its neck, and can send information about the dog's feelings electronically to a handset kept by the dog's
The company __________ that the Bowlingual
can __________ six different feelings, including fear, happiness, sadness, by interpreting the different ways in which the dog barks.
But how does the Bowlingual actually __________?
Scientists analysed the barks they recorded from a number of dogs in various different situations and __________ six general patterns of sound relating to different feelings.
The Bowlingual is programmed with these patterns and can __________ them to the sound a dog makes
and then translate this into a sentence that can be __________ understood.
The device is also fitted with a diary that __________ the whole of the dog's day
with __________ such as 'We've done so many good things today. What a happy day!'