To twitter or not to twitter

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Some people claim social networking sites have a negative impact on people’s ability to make friends in actual | true | right | real life.

Zkuste si on-line test z angličtiny a vyhodnocení dostanete obratem.

Some people claim social networking sites have a negative impact on people's ability to make friends in __________ life.
There has been a __________ deal of speculation about the long-term impact of their use on people's social lives
and much of it has __________ on the possibility
that these sites are __________ users' relationships, pushing them away from participating in the offline world.
Twitter friends may become more important than neighbours. However, __________ to such fears, recent reasearch suggests
that users of social networking sites actually have higher measures of social well-being. __________, people who use such sites
actually have higher __________ of close relationships
and are more __________ to be involved in civic and political activities than those who don't.
This indicates a sea change in social relationships. It's __________ that online emotional support
and companionship is __________ to roughly half the support of average person receives from a spouse or live-in partner.
Social networking sites help people with busy lives find ways of __________ in touch and providing regular updates.
that rats brought up on Mozart run faster through a complex __________ something completely new comes along, the world of networked individuals will carry on evolving - who knows what the future holds for our personal relationships?