To + verb + ing

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As we don’t agree about politics we generally avoid will discus | discussing | to discuss | to be discussing the subject.

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As we don't agree about politics we generally avoid __________ the subject.
He doesn't get on with the new branch director, so he's asked __________ to another branch of the company.
Please stop __________ me when I'm explaining something to documents he needed.
We had arranged __________ in my office so that he could check the documents he needed.
I must say, I don't really fancy __________ my whole holiday with your cousins.
He admits __________ the house but he says he didn't take anything.
I've apologized to her but she still refuses __________ to me.
What a dreadful man! Can you imagine __________ with him?
Of course I'll help you, as long as it doesn't involve __________ anything heavy.
Oh no! I've forgotten __________ my briefcase with me. I'll have to go back for it.