The power of video games

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Do you think computer games are just for kids? Then you ought | should | will | may the other end.

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Do you think computer games are just for kids? Then you __________ think again.
You might be __________ to learn
that the games industry now __________ more money than Hollywood.
__________ a family buys a new PC, all they really want to do is to play games.
It is hardly surprising that video gaming has __________ one of the most popular branches of entertainment today.
A good game is like a good film, it will hold your __________, capture your imagination and play with your emotions.
The big __________, however,
is that watching a movie is a passive __________.
You have no say in how the plot __________ or which characters dominate the story.
With computer games, you direct the __________ and that is what makes them so exciting.
Finding the __________ game is likely to signal
the beginning of a lasting love __________ with the interactive world of make-believe.
It is __________ to think of gaming as something simply for children and teenagers.
In fact, the __________ growth area of the market is the 25-35 age group.