The power of music

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Music is universal – it is produced | written | considered | sung by all cultures.

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Music is universal - it is __________ by all cultures.
Some scientists believe that music came before speech and __________ as a development of mating calls.
In fact, there is __________ theory
that the __________ languages were chanted or sung rather than spoken.
Indeed, in some cultures, music is a form of __________ history.
The Aboriginal Australians, for example, use music as means to __________ on stories of the land and spirits to the next generation.
New evidence suggest that music does not just __________ the feel-good factor but it is also good for the brain.
A study of intelectually __________ children showed
that they could recall more __________ after it was given them in a song than agter it was read to them as a story.
Researchers also report that people __________ better on a standard intelligence test after listening to Mozart.
The so called 'Mozart effect' has also been __________ by findings
that rats brought up on Mozart run faster through a complex network of paths or passages, __________ as a maze.
Overall, it seems that in most instances people who suffer from any form of mental __________ benefit from listening to music.