The airport man

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Yesterday David left | went | removed | departed his home for the first time in eleven years.

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Yesterday David __________ his home for the first time in eleven years.
But his home is a very unusual one - he has __________ the last eleven years living in an international airport.
David had no family in his own country, so eleven years ago he set off to search __________ his sister who lived in Scotland.
He hadn't heard from her for __________, but he had an old address.
He never __________ Scotland,
because while he was __________ for a connecting flight
all his documents __________ stolen and he had to ask for new ones.
__________ he had nowhere to go, he stayed in the airport.
After a __________ weeks, he was still there.
He became __________ as 'Sir George' and all the airport staff liked him.
Eleven years __________ his documents arrived and he was free to go. But he no longer wanted to!