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A call to someone in the same area is a regional | international | communal | local call.

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A call to someone in the same area is a __________ call.
To make a call to another town or country you will need to know the area, country and international __________.
Make sure you don´t miss out a __________ in the number!
If the person you have called is already speaking to someone else you will hear a sound which tells you the line is __________.
You´ll get a __________ if you aren´t careful and make a mistake.
When the phone rings at the other end you will hear a ringing __________.
Nowadays, you can call most countries __________ but if that´s not possible you have to ask the __________ to __________ you.
If you´re not available, callers can leave a __________ on your answering machine or voice mail and you can __________ it later. You can then choose to store or __________ it.
If you reach a switchboard you will have to ask for the __________ you require.
You can see the last number you called on the __________. To call that number again simply press __________.