Simply perfect and perfectly simple!

B1 B2 C1

Charles: Oh, of course. Everyone have been | has been | was | were very friendly.

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Jessica: So, Charles, are you settling in here OK?
Charles: Oh, of course. Everyone __________ very friendly.
Charles: I __________ to have quite a lot of problems.
Charles: But to be honest I __________ any really. Not here or at work.
Jessica: Do you mean there __________ other problems?
Charles: Well, I __________ to move out of the flat.
Charles: The one that I __________.
Jessica: Oh my, why __________ you __________ to do that? Wasn't it comfortable?
Charles: I know, it was a good flat! Unfortunately the journey to work was too long. The bus routes changed just before I __________ to work here.
Charles: The journey __________ me two hours to get here every day.
Jessica: I hope all the trouble __________ you sorry that you came here.