Signs that firm is going bankrupt

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When you’re starting in | out | off | up at a promising company, which, till then, seems to be great success, you tell yourself you might stay there forever.

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When you’re starting __________ at a promising company, which, until then, seems to be great success, you tell yourself you might stay there forever.
But one day you might find the company shut down, yourself searching for work, because it stopped __________ a profit, which eventually scared off the investors.
That has happened even to once mighty companies. Only when the company has closed have the employees realized that things had been bad for months before the firm went __________ the drain.
Sometimes it’s obvious that a company is going under, but more often employees won’t find out until they’re left, surprised and confused, without a job. That is what happened to Juliet Boghossian, __________ job was launching frozen food in a company distributing seafood.
She was travelling in a private jet, she had a big expense account and her division was growing exponentially. Then the company began cutting __________ on benefits and started running into problems, for it had failed to change along with the industry and it was eventually sold in 2011.
Companies need to change, get better, and innovate to __________ up with the trends. One of the signs that something needs to be changed is falling production.
When production is down and no __________ is made, it eventually gets worse and your company might get into serious trouble.
One of the sure-fire ways to tell if a company is in trouble is when it runs into cash flow problems. If there’s not enough money to keep the business going then it will certainly __________.
Running out of cash is not so much about revenue, but about what’s really happening to the money that enters and leaves the company. Also when a company is on its way to going __________, people outside the firm tend to talk and rumours fly.
Then you need to start thinking hard about what’s going on. Whether or not you should jump ship at the first sign of trouble is __________ you.

But whatever you do, it’s better to be aware of what’s happening.