Resilient at Work

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In business, you will face a serious problem or great difficulty, at some point. When it happens, it is important to be able to get over it and quickly pull yourself | you | up | it together.

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At some point in business you will face a serious problem or great difficulty. When this happens it is important to be able to get over it and quickly pull __________ together.
That is something that most people call resilience. It’s also what separates successful individuals from the mass of people who are perfectly __________, but not exceptional.
The good news is that we can each choose to live a resilient life. And if you truly believe this, you’re half way there. However, too much confidence may make you arrogant. And arrogant people often see failure as someone else’s __________.
But humility and open-mindedness are the best ways to improve results, even though many of us have a tendency to stick our __________ in the sand when everyone around is signalling that we are making mistakes.
The key is to learn from failure rather than to be beaten by it. Be open to new information, even if it means you will learn that what you wished for __________ true.
Sydney Finkelstein thinks that the lack of resilient people is caused by overprotective parents who, in an effort to protect their kids from failure, are limiting their chances to practice getting through a __________ situation.
They do everything for their children and are thus making them less adaptable. And it won’t get any better in the future either. While 25 years ago some 20% of the biggest companies in the world __________ out of the top 100 after 10 years, more recently the rate has jumped to over 30%.
And so many of our careers depend on the __________ of companies. We may not only have to change jobs many times during our careers, but we may need to change careers, too.
And that is why being resilient is not just about getting up __________ the floor, but also being ready for whatever comes next.
Failures are regular features of a dynamic, competitive and highly demanding work __________.