Relative clauses

Hannah: Oh, not too many. Just a few people who | whose | – | where we can be relaxed with. Do you agree?

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Emily and Hannah are planning a party during the school holidays.
Emily: Well, who shall we ask to this party?
Hannah: Oh, not too many. Just a few people __________ we can be relaxed with. Do you agree?
Emily: Yes, I agree. So, who, should we invite, for example?
Hannah: My cousin Joel, of course, and Caleb.
Emily: Caleb? Who's he?
Hannah: He's the Scottish guy __________ is staying with Joel's family.
Emily: Oh yeah. Is he the one __________ phone got stolen when they were in London?
Hannah: That's right. They caught the guy __________ did it.
Hannah: He'd already used up all his credit __________ Caleb had on his phone.
Emily: Poor Caleb. Perhaps the party will cheer him up.
Hannah: It might, if we ask the girl __________ he's been going out with.
Emily: Who's that?
Hannah: Lucy's her name. She works in that cinema __________ they show all the Italian films.
Emily: But will she be free on Wednesday evening?
Hannah: Yes, it's her evening off. That's the reason __________ I suggested Wednesday.
Emily: Great. Who else? What about Ashley and Jackie?
Hannah: Are they the girls __________ you went to Spain with?
Emily: Yes. If they bring their boyfriends, that'll be ten of us. But have you got a room __________ is big enough? My mother says we can't use our living room because we made too much mess the last time we had a party.