A record breaking engineering

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Imagine driving along a bridge that is so long that you can’t even watch | find | see | look the other end.

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Imagine driving along a bridge that is so long that you can't even __________ the other end.
The Oresund Bridge, one of the __________ bridges in the world,
__________ so far ahead into the distance
that you can't even tell where the blue of the water __________ the blue of the sky.
The Oresund Bridge is an amazing example of modern engineering design that __________ the Scandinavian countries of Denmark and Sweden.
It is 8 kilometres long and was __________ in July 2000.
It crosses the Flinte Channel, the chilly waterway __________ the two countries.
At one stage the bridge turns __________ a tunnel under the sea.
This tunnel is also a __________ breaker in its own right as it is the longest road and rail tunnel in the world.
The engineers built an artificial island near the Danish coast that __________ to support
part of the bridge __________, as well as being the point
at which the road disappears __________, before coming out in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.
The bridge, which was built __________ by the two countries, is expected to bring huge advantages.
It will __________ time compared to traditional ferry connections,
as well as being of __________ to the economy of both countries.