Present perfect and present II

B1 B2 C1

I ’ve was going | was going | ’ve been going | ’ve going round all the different departments to see what they do.

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Tyler: Well, Lily, what have you been doing this afternoon?
Lily: Oh, it's been super busy. I __________ round all the different departments to see what they do.
Lily: What about you Tyler? __________ anything interesting?
Tyler: I __________ to the finance department and personnel.
Lily: That doesn't sound very exciting!
Tyler: No, you're right. But this evening I'm going to see the department of art, where they usually __________ the designs for all the magazines.
Lily: Yes, I __________ that department already.
Lily: They __________ some fascinating picture today, but they don't always have such interesting material, they said.
Tyler: Yeah and I hear that the art editor is very impatient.
Lily: Lucky you, he's not there today. He __________ to some other exhibition.
Tyler: Great. Hey, who's that man over there? He __________ us since we came in.
Lily: The one by the door? I don't know. He __________ like a business man or something, not a journalist.
Tyler: Perhaps he __________ only __________ here to look round, like us.