Prepositions of time

B1- B1 B2 C1

We usually finish work early by | at | on | during Thursdays.

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We usually finish work early __________ Thursdays.
__________ the time you get this letter, I shall be in New York.
He wrote this article __________ his holiday.
She won't hand over the parcel __________ we pay her.
The children aren't here __________ the moment, but they'll be back __________ a few minutes.
Can you come to coffee with us __________ next Saturday?
I want to be at the cinema early so that we're __________ time to get good seats.
Please don't touch anything __________ the detective arrives.
I should be free by 4 p. m. If the conference doesn't end __________ time, I shall have to make my apologies and leave.
He was reluctant to help us at first, but __________ the end he agreed to do what he could.