Prepositions (from/by/in/on)

B1- B1 B2 C1

Why can’t she look at your problem from | by | in | on | your point of view?

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Why can't she look at your problem __________ your point of view?
Would you mind moving? You're rather __________ the way here.
I rang the wrong mobile number __________ mistake.
I booked our bus seats more than a week __________ advance.
Could you be quiet for a minute, please? I'm __________ the phone.
Jolene's purse was stolen while she was away __________ a business trip.
I was lucky. I found the solution __________ accident.
I spent ages looking for a bank. __________ the end I found one.
We've had only a few bad days, so __________ general it's been a great summer.
It's a long journey. Let's stop somewhere __________ the way and have a meal.