Past simple & past continuous

B1- B1 B2 C1

Kevin go | gone | went | was going to college to study engineering.

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Kevin Burns was born in 1971 near Dublin, Ireland. In 1980 he became seriously ill. While he __________ his uncle __________ him an antique guitar.
He enjoyed playing and practised at his school every day after lessons. One day in 1985, James Brick, the manager of several successful musicians, __________ a meeting with the headmaster when he __________. Kevin practising.
He immediately __________ Kevin's teacher and __________ Kevin to appear in one of the concerts he __________ that year.
Kevin, however, __________ Brick's invitation, because just then he __________ for some important school exams.
Kevin __________ the exam in the end.
Kevin __________ to college to study engineering.
At college he __________ Jessica Smith, who __________ physics.
Jessica was also a keen amateur musician. Being students, they rarely __________ much money.
They usually . __________ as waiters at free days.
One evening, in June 1993, while __________ customers, the manager announced that there would be no live music in the bar that night as regular band could not come.