Past and present

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Peter: Hello Tessa, what do you do | are you | are you doing | do you doing in this part of Dublin?

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Peter: Hello Tessa, what __________ in this part of Dublin?
Tessa: Well, actually, __________ at flats in this area.
Peter: Flats? __________ to move here?
Tessa: Yes, believe it or not, George and I __________ married next year.
Peter: That's awesome! Congratulations. When __________. ?
Tessa: Only last month. It was while we __________ with his family in England.
Now __________ to find a nice flat.
Peter: It'll be great to have you as almost neighbours. I hope you will find and buy one soon.
Tessa: Oh we __________ for one to buy, only to rent.
We __________ enough money yet.
Peter: Sure, that's what we __________ at first.