New York City

B2 C1

New York City has become | grown | increased | extended into the second largest city in North America.

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New York City has __________ into the second largest city in North America.
It has long been a major business, cultural and shopping centre, __________ millions of visitors each year.
Most tourists stay in the __________ of the city, Manhattan, where you can see the sights on foot or take a tour bus.
the main residential areas are on the __________ of the city where, as in all large cities,
some districts are quite in __________ of repair
During your visit you may want to take a boat trip to Ellis Island, where you can stop for a __________ to read about the history of immigration.
Many tourists also visit Queens, which has some interesting art galleries, and Brooklyn cafés, shops and __________ nightlife.
Finally, you will certainly want to visit Central Park, a huge open __________ which is ideal for relaxing on a hot summer day.
Moreover, there are too many regional differences in vocabulary for the language to be the same everywhere, as people need specialised word in order to __________ local politics, culture and natural history.