Music on your mind

B2 C1

You know the feeling – you’re listening to music and suddenly your whole mood | atmosphere | temper | idea changes from sad to happy.

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You know the feeling - you're listening to music and suddenly your whole __________ changes from sad to happy.
This mind-altering power of music is amazing, and internet music sites are using ever more sophisticated ways of __________ us in touch with new artists.
They search our downloaded files or online listening habits __________ patterns, and the results are often surprising - would you believe that AC/DC fans may well enjoy Beethoven?
Musicians have been __________ unforgettable music for centuries, using accepted ideas about the emotional appeal of certain combinations of musical sounds.
It's __________ knowledge
that major chords sound upbeat __________ minor chords sound mournful
In tests, __________ children as young as three connect music in major keys to happy faces.
But why do people have this __________ to music?
Scientists investigating the question have been __________ various experiments such as scanning the brains of people while they listen to music.
One thing they __________ across is that music triggers activity in the motor regions of the brain,
which could explain why we often need to __________ our feet to music.
There is still much to __________ about the effects of music on the mind
but __________, the possibilites for medicine and business are exciting.