Modal verbs

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‚I’m hungry.‘ ‚But you’ve just had dinner. You couldn’t be | shouldn’t be | might not be |can’t be hungry already.‘

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“I'm hungry.“ “But you've just had dinner. You __________ hungry already.“
“I haven't seen your neighbours for ages.“ “No, they __________ away.“
“What's the weather like? Is it raining?“ “Not at the moment, but it __________ later.“
“Where has Ella gone?“ “I'm not sure. She __________ to the shop.“
“I didn't see you at Dan's party last weekend.“ “No, I had to work that night, so I __________.“
“I didn't see you at Dan's party last weekend.“ “No, you __________ me. I didn't go to Dan's party.“
“What time will we go to Sally's house?“ “Well, it takes about one and half hours, so if we leave at 4 o'clock, we __________ there by 5:30.“
“When was the last time you saw Ted?“ “Months ago. I __________ recognize him now.“
“Did you hear that explosion?“ “What explosion?“ “There was a loud explosion about half an hour ago. You __________ it.“
“We weren't sure which way to go. In the end we turned right.“ “You went the wrong way. You __________ turned left.“