Memories are made of sleep

B2 C1

Teenagers often choose not to spend time catching | getting | taking | making up on their sleep.

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Teenagers often choose not to spend time __________ up on their sleep.
The problem is that recent studies show they need more sleep than they realise - up to nine hours a night. There also seems to be a direct __________ between sleep and academic success
__________,lack of sleep makes it difficult for students to concentrate in school
but there also seems to be a __________ academic effect.
Studies show that our ability to sleep is directly __________ to our ability to learn
suggesting that good sleep __________ are essential to good study techniques.
__________, it may be useful for students to study for a test just before going to bed
because sleep will help them store important information they want to __________ and remember the next day
__________, information becomes 'cemented' in our brains as we sleep.
However, older people may approach sleep differently - it may be more appropriate to establish a regular __________ of taking several short naps during the day instead of getting as much sleep as possible during the night
But we all need to experience both light and __________ sleep,
regular napping can mean we are actually less __________ to forget things.