Horses in English

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Horses have been valuable | typical | original | suitable to humans for thousand of years.

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Horses have been __________ to humans for thousand of years.
Because there are several different __________ of horses such as coldbloods, which are large but gentle
or hotbloods that are __________ for their running ability, there are horses for every purpose.
We use them for transport as __________ as for physical work,
for example __________ farm machinery.
It's now also very __________ to see horses used in sports.
Horses need food and water in large __________.
A horse can drink __________ twenty and forty litres of water a day
and around a kilo of food for __________ fifty kilos od its body weight.
Horses need to be out in the fields, as grass is part of their diet. They can live for __________ 25 years
so their owners need to give them __________ of love and attention- but horses always give lots back.