Future time

B1 B2 C1

Nessa: I don’t feel very well. I will have | I have | I’m going to have | I’m having an early night.

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Mike: What are you doing in your dressing-gown? It's only seven o'clock.
Nessa: I don't feel very well. __________ an early night.
Mike: Oh, dear. I hope __________ better tomorrow.
Nessa: So do I. __________ my new boss at nine o'clock.
Mike: I think (1) __________ some tea when the evening news (2) __________.
Nessa: No, it's fine, don't bother. __________ and go straight to sleep.
Spencer: It's hard saying goodbye after so long.
Aria: We muset keep in touch. __________ to send me your new address.
Aria: You know, when you __________ to Pensylvania, so I know where to send you postcards.
Spencer: Of course. __________ time next week.
Aria: Why?
Spencer: Because __________ the day after my arrival.
Aria: Well, you can at least phone.
Spencer: Yes, I guess so. Do you know what __________ this time next Saturday?