Food for Astronauts

B2 C1

It used to be thought that people could not swallow | suck | chew | digest well in space

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It used to be thought that people could not __________ well in space
so the food __________ for astronauts consisted of bite-sized pieces of food pushed out of tubes.
But now it is __________ that you can eat in space in the same way as on Earth.
The physical constraints lie in the body of spaceship rather than the body of the astronaut. Limited storage and cooking facilities, with no space or power to __________ for complex food preparation
mean that the __________ for space nutritionists has gone beyond providing astronauts with food that is palatable for them.
The solution has emerged in the __________ of dehydrated foods. Simply add water to the freeze-dried granules and bon apetit!
With space flights often __________ more than a week, astronauts cannot live on granules alone.
They also take pre-cooked meals __________ in bags
which they __________ up in a small oven.
According to a research nutritionists, it is difficult to get astronauts to eat as much as they need. It's partly that they are so busy but also because there is no __________ to eat.
So tickling their taste buds is an __________ struggle
especially when one of the effects of zero gravity is to __________ the sense of smell.
Weightlesness is an important __________ in space food
because of the danger that the food might __________ and float off in different directions.
They need foods that coalesce: Yoghurts, puddings, sauces all __________ together in large droplets. Your spoon may float away, but the food will stay on it.