Exotic Business Trip

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Within the next 20 years, Indonesia is projected to become the seventh-largest global economy way before | ahead | above | behind of Germany or the United Kingdom.

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Within the next 20 years, Indonesia is projected to become the seventh-largest global economy way __________ of Germany or the United Kingdom.
For now, Indonesia, and especially Bali, draws millions of tourists, who attend business meetings or conferences on the island. Doing business in Bali keeps __________ better with the new airport and highway that connects the airport with town.
The new terminal and an official airport taxi service with the stand outside the arrivals hall have been added to the former structure.  Before entering and __________ the country you should have approximately $42 ready for entry visa and departure tax.
The local currency is the Indonesian rupiah, but US dollars are widely accepted and even preferred here, because roughly 12,000 rupiah __________ $1. That is one of the reasons, why Bali remains an affordable island, and that draws many international visitors.
One of the reasons for the favourable economic __________ for Indonesia is its substantial population. Plus, Indonesia is now placing emphasis on, not just tourism, but also on labour-productivity improvements.
Exports are important, but the country’s __________ middle class will propel it forward. And recent elections will help to fuel the economy even further.
So people seek a trip to Indonesia not only to balance work and pleasure, but also to discuss Asia-Pacific trade and __________ opportunities. They manage to attend meetings during the day, but still catch a sunset and fancy dinner.
They can choose from an endless list of hotels which enables them such combination. Ayana Resort, which includes 15 restaurants and meeting __________ with a newly opened panoramic pavilion on a seaside cliff, arranges one of Bali’s most exotic venues for business.
Rock Bar at Ayana is considered to be the best spot in town, for it is situated mere feet above the __________ waves and that makes it an ideal place to impress a client or give your camera a workout.
Still, follow the advice of a hotel concierge if dining in town, for most international visitors aren’t __________ to the local bacteria or water, so stick to drinking bottled water, always provided for free in hotels.