English for Acquisitions

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Apple announced that company will buy Beats, the music streaming and audio equipment | goods | outfit | gadget company, for about $3 billion.

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Apple announced that company will buy Beats, the music streaming and audio company, for about $3 billion. They believe that the collaboration will help them catch up in fast-growing music , especially in music streaming, and that it will bring them the advantage on market. As expected, Beats co-founders Iovine and rapper Dr. Dre will join Apple as part of the , which could also help them in bargaining with record labels. CEO of Apple said in an interview that the present between Apple and music producers could be compared to Berlin Wall. Iovine, who is a music producer, has consistently been the music business and produced stars such as Lady Gaga and U2. Thanks to his experience, he could ease the difficult negotiations licensing for a future streaming service. $3 billion, the price for acquiring Beats, makes it the most expensive and significant deal for Apple for it appears that they have been mainly in acquisitions worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The deal is seen as Apple´s effort to improve its position on the market, for iTunes sales have declined while others have raced . Apple created the digital download business, but the industry is going in the streaming service direction and the company seems to have problems with . With less people downloading music on iTunes, record labels have also put pressure on Apple and hope that Apple can turn Beats Music into a strong to Spotify and other streaming services.Though industry executives say the company was impressed with Beats´ music service, they are also gaining a line of popular headphones.