Czenglish: Vybrané chytáky

B1- B1 B2 C1

1. I can’t believe I won the tennis match today! I had a luck. I was lucky | I had luck | I was in luck | I have luck

V každé větě najdete jednu častou chybu, které se studenti angličtiny dopouští. Najděte ji a opravte.

I can't believe I won the tennis match today! (I had a luck.)
No, we haven't finished watching the film. We are only in the half.
Every Friday night I watch a chat show on television. The moderator is so funny.
I must apologise myself from work today.
My work is so busy at the moment. I am really in stress
Smaženy Syr. How is it called in English?
The bad thing about my sales manager is that he has no fantasy.
It is difficult to find spicy meal in most Czech supermarkets.
My today meeting starts at 9am.
Excuse me, can I have a question?
My boyfriend is very cultured. He always goes to see games at the theatre.
My English is really terrible. I must train harder.
This morning I cooked coffee and ate some toast.
I am looking forward to see you.
You said you could make the meeting on Friday, so I am counting with it.