Conversation with a doplhin

B2 C1

We have long suspected that there is some kind of empathy | sense | comfort | support between doplhins and humans

Zkuste si on-line test z angličtiny a vyhodnocení dostanete obratem.

We have long suspected that there is some kind of __________ between doplhins and humans
but is there any __________ of actual two-way communication with them?
A group of scientists are trying to 'co-create' a language with doplhins that humans can __________.
We already know that captive doplhins can be __________ to understand hundreds of words
and can __________ understand some grammar - for instance, the difference between 'bring that fish to me' and 'bring me to that fish'
However, until now people could neither understand nor __________ to the underwater noises doplhins use to communicate with each other.
Now scientists are building a small __________ made up of a computer and two hydrophones
which are __________ of detecting the full range of doplhin sounds.
A diver __________ the computer in a waterproof case strapped to his chest
and lights show the origin of a sound __________ up by the hydrophones.
The diver also has a handheld instrument that acts as a __________ of mouse and keybord
and which enables him to choose what kind of sound to __________ in response.
But will we really be able to understand doplhins' words? Do they have words? And what if it __________ that they're terrible conversationalists? That would be a real disappointment!