Coffee culture

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The other day I wanted a cup of coffee, so I hopped | looked | jumped | popped into a bank.

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The other day I wanted a cup of coffee, so I __________ into a bank.
I sat in a soft armchair and watched the world __________ which, in this case, was the line for the services of the bank clerks.
I am joking, of course, but this could soon be common in banks in big cities. The __________ for 'real coffee' in Britain, like that for mobile
However, the suspicion is that the attraction for many British people __________ not so much in the coffee as in the 'coffee culture' that surrounds it.
This is to do with big, soft sofas and the idea that you sit on one, you too can __________ the actors in the American TV comedy Friends.
In London, the first café opened in 1652. Men would __________ there
often at __________ times during the day
to __________ news and gossip,
discuss __________ of the day and do business.
The cafés acted as offices and shops in which merchants and agents, clerks and bankers could carry out their __________.
In London today it is __________ that there are more than 2000 cafés
and the number is __________.
It won't be long before coffee is sold everywhere. You can already buy it in hospitals, motorway service stations, supermarkets and at tourist __________ throughout the country.