Business vocabulary

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All the staff were asked to outsource | invest | relocate | reorganise to Spain.

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All the staff were asked to __________ to Spain.
There’s a problem with the machinery so the quality of the goods hasn’t reached its usual __________.
B-Voy Bank is looking for three new bank officers to work in its new high street __________.
It’s important that we get a __________ for our product soon so that no one can copy our ideas.
This organisation is too __________ There are four forms for everything!
Bed-Lux has recently __________ its main rival Duvet-Delights.
I am writing to invite you to __________ your research findings at the ECR conference.
I want my new sofa to look good but it’s more important that it’s __________ I don’t want to have to replace it for years!
I’m 63 now, so I’ve only got two years to go until I reach __________ age.
Pre-tax profits have __________ to an all time low of $1.2m.