Already, just, yet

B1- B1 B2 C1

‚Where is Dom?‘ ‚He’s already | yet | just gone to school.‘

Zkuste si on-line test z angličtiny a vyhodnocení dostanete obratem.

“Where is Dom?“ “He's __________ gone to school.“
“Has my friend Marisol called __________?“
“Shall I pay?“ “No, I __________ started eating.“
“What's taking you so long?“ “I haven't got dressed __________.“
Me and my friend can't go anywhere, we __________ ordered a cup of coffee.
“When does the film start?“ “It started __________. “
“Do you have any kids?“ “Yes, I __________ have two daughters.“
Steve hasn't finished all his chores __________.
The sun has __________ come up.
“Can I help you“ “No, thank you. I'm __________ looking around.“