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I’m not going out yet. I’m waiting about | for | of | – | the rain to stop.

0202Zkuste si on-line test z angličtiny a vyhodnocení dostanete obratem.

I'm not going out yet. I'm waiting __________ the rain to stop.
You're always asking me __________ money. Ask your father.
I don't want to talk __________ what happened yesterday. Let's forget it.
I don't want to discuss __________ what happened last year. I want to move on.
Please let me borrow your phone. I promise I'll take good care __________ it.
Pete and Keira are touring the US. They're in New York at the moment, but tomorrow they leave __________ Long Island.
The roof of the house is in very bad condition. I think we ought to do something __________ it.
Don't worry about arranging our holiday. I'll take care __________ that.
I want to have a good trip. I don't care __________ how much it costs.
Tomorrow evening I have to catch a plane. I'm leaving my house __________ airport at 5:30.