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Losing weight

Many people around the developed world are anxious to lose, or at least not to put on, weight. Women particularly seem to be paying a lot of attention to keeping their weight down.

Apparently, this is linked to general stereotypes according to which women tend to be associated with aesthetic qualities (such as good looks) more than men.

So how can people lose weight?

Nutritional experts emphasize that science has pretty unequivocally (1) demonstrated that all sorts of diets lead to roughly the same modest (2) results. One researcher found that no matter the specific diet (South Beach, Atkins, Weight Watchers, etc.) persons included in his and his co-authors’study tended to lose between five and seven pounds in a year. They would, however, put on some weight again later.

Instead of focusing on a particular type of diet, experts stress the importance of regular eating, suggesting that it is best if one can cut calories in a way that he or she can sustain. People trying to lose weight should also eat more vegetables and fruits and avoid empty calorie foods such as sugary drinks or processed snacks. A good rule of thumb (3) is to make sure half of your lunch and dinner plates consist of vegetables and fruits, and the other half of protein and starch.

This way, the food that you eat will be more filling and less dense in calories.

Studies also show that people who have succeeded in losing weight have a few common traits (4): they weight themselves at least once week, walk or do another sort of exercise on a regular basis, avoid taking in too many calories and do not neglect breakfast. They are also very determined.

A good starting point for any diet, says one exert, is a food diary to get to know what you need to change.

Surprisingly, exercise – though very beneficial for health – as such does not seem to help people lose weight very much, as persons trying to lose weight via exercise are likely to develop compensatory behaviours (eating extra treats for the work they did). Weight loss medications are not very helpful either.



  1. According to the article, are women and men equally interested in losing weight?
  2. According to the article, is it important to pick one specific sort of diet and then stick to it?
  3. What type of food should, according to the article, be definitely avoided by people wishing to lose weight?
  4. Why is it generally recommended to eat fruits and vegetables in order to lose weight?
  5. According to the article, does exercise help people lose weight?
  6. Have you ever tried to lose weight? What methods did you apply?
  7. How important are slim looks to you?


unequivocally (1) – completely clear and without any possibility of doubt

modest (2) – not very great, big, or expensive

rule of thumb (3) – a general principle developed through experiential rather than scientific means

trait (4) – particular quality in someone’s character


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