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Talking About Office Politics and Decision-Making – Revision

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Read the sentences below and choose the correct word from this list to fill the gap.

Během tří týdnů se postupně seznámíte s 9 často používanými slovy a slovními obraty z obchodní angličtiny. Na konci měsíce vás pak čeká opakování formou testu.

Did you hear the boss talking about the mess in the office kitchen? He’s on his __________ again about everyone taking it in turns to wash the dishes.
I made the decision about the venue for the office party last year and some people hated it. I’m sitting on the __________ this time around.
Don’t worry about the mess. I’ve got __________ in high places and I’m sure we can get everything sorted out.
Well, __________ the record, I think Christine made the mistake, but don’t quote me on that.
You never know which way Mila is going to go when it comes to voting on budget cuts. He’s a real __________ voter. Sometimes he supports our team’s suggestions, but other times …
At the __________, we’re hearing what the customers are saying, and we know what they want. I just wish top management would listen sometimes.
When the new team leader starts, they’re going to want to set the __________, so it’s best if we hold off on signing that contract for a week or two.
We’ll do it my way. When you’re the boss, then you can __________ the shots.
I thought we’d all get a chance to give our input but, from the start, Jean-Luc made it clear he’d be running the __________.