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Talking About Office Politics and Decision-Making – speaking outside, under or off the record

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When you make a statement that you don’t want attributed to you, are you speaking outside, under or off the record?

Během tří týdnů se postupně seznámíte s 9 často používanými slovy a slovními obraty z obchodní angličtiny. Na konci měsíce vás pak čeká opakování formou testu.

I decided to talk to the journalist about the company’s decision, on condition that what I said was __________ the record.
The meeting to decide on the new contract is on next week. I know how I’m going to vote, but the IT manager says he hasn’t decided yet, and still needs to be convinced. Just what we need at this stage – a __________ voter!
I hear we’re in for another organizational restructure, but none of the decisions are being made at __________ level. Top management think they know best and are making all the decisions.