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Talking About Meetings – Revision

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Read the sentences below and choose the correct word from this list to fill the gap.

Během tří týdnů se postupně seznámíte s 9 často používanými slovy a slovními obraty z obchodní angličtiny. Na konci měsíce vás pak čeká opakování formou testu.

I’ve circulated the __________ for the next board meeting, so people have plenty of time to prepare.
Please make sure you make a note of any __________ we receive before the meeting so that I can include the information in the official record.
I’m a bit worried. The meeting is tomorrow and I’m not sure of the issues. I haven’t received the meeting __________ yet.
I will be glad when this meeting is over and a decision’s been made. It’s frustrating that it’s still all up in the __________.
I believe that Cynthia’s proposal is excellent and worth considering. But you seem to prefer David’s idea. Can you explain what he __________ to the table.
Well, if the bid is as good as you say, and if they can do everything within budget, I’m sure it will __________ the day.
Right, I’d like to call this meeting to __________.
Let’s __________ off with the apologies and then move right on to the first agenda item.
Now I’d like to __________ on Kristina, the head of sales, to speak about this month’s sales figures.