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Talking about Learning: Revision

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Read the sentences below and choose the correct word from this list to fill the gap.

Během tří týdnů se postupně seznámíte s 9 často používanými slovy a slovními obraty z obchodní angličtiny. Na konci měsíce vás pak čeká opakování formou testu.

There's nothing magical about learning to touch-type. Eventually, after lots of practice it becomes __________ nature.
Would you mind taking Ms O’Loughlin __________ your wing and helping her get to grips with the computer system here?
Rather than trying to blind us with __________, we need to employ someone who can explain the concept simply to the senior management team.
I knew the office layout like the __________ of my hand so I was able to find my way about when the power went out.
Don’t ask the division head about the computer system. He hasn’t got a/an __________.
We need to work out how we can maintain production with the budget cuts. It’s time to put your thinking __________ on.
We need a trainer who not only knows the subject matter by __________, but who is able to explain it clearly.
I don’t know why the receptionist is having problems with the new phone system. It’s as easy as __________.
We didn’t have the highest sales figures this month. We came in second. But we all worked hard and deserve an A for __________.