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Talking about Doing Business – Revision

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Read the sentences below and choose the correct word from this list to fill the gap.

Během tří týdnů se postupně seznámíte s 9 často používanými slovy a slovními obraty z obchodní angličtiny. Na konci měsíce vás pak čeká opakování formou testu.

Did you hear about the new boss? I don’t know much about him but he has a reputation for delivering the __________.
I hope he takes notice of our team’s ideas. We’ve got some great ideas but the last boss didn’t support them and we couldn’t get them off the __________.
If you’re going to present them again, you need to make sure the sales projects are accurate. Do you have a good number __________?
It’s important to get the financials right. If we mess it up it could send the company to the __________.
If we get the go ahead, I want our processes to be transparent. I don’t want any behind the scenes wheeling and __________.
If we had another office on board with the idea, we might have more chance of being successful. Have you thought about __________ forces with the Brno team?
That’s a great idea. This project could pave the __________ for even more joint projects in the future.
Did you hear about XYZ company? They’ve had some financial problems and it looks as though the company will change __________.