Tools vs. instruments

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WRONG: Do you have any instruments? I need to repair my car.
RIGHT: Do you have any tools? I need to repair my car.

The word instrument is most commonly connected with music. We play musical instruments such as the guitar or piano. But an instrument can also be used for a measuring device for measuring things like speed, distance, or position. It is used commonly in science, and an instrument can be something as simple as a thermometer or a pair of scales. Though we would usually name the specific thing rather than say, „I’ll go and get my measuring instrument.“

For hammer, saw, screwdriver etc, we do not use the word ‘instrument’, but instead ‘tool’. A tool is something held in the hand that has a particular function. So as well as workman’s tools, you can also say things like bottle openers, garden and kitchen equipment are tools. They help us to perform a task, and they have a set function.

So the correct sentence of the example above is:

Do you have any tools? I need to repair my car.