To straighten vs. to iron

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WRONG: My hair is naturally curly so I have to iron it every day.
RIGHT: My hair is naturally curly so I have to straighten it every day.

I hate ironing so the thought of ironing my hair as well as my clothes is a horrible one! Luckily, I don’t have to because firstly, I’m a boy, and secondly, because in English, we don’t ‘iron’ hair, we ‘straighten’ it.

In the 60s before people had hair straighteners – the machine we now use for making our hair straight – they had to lay their hair on an ironing board and get someone else to iron it for them. Thankfully, time has changed, and now girls have the much easier task of simply straightening their hair.

So, don’t say, ‘I ironed my hair this morning.’ It sounds funny and people might think you’re a bit strange! Instead, say, ‘I straightened my hair.’