Thank vs. thanks God

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WRONG: I am not ill at the moment, thanks God.
RIGHT: I am not ill at the moment, thank God.

A very small mistake to explain this week that involves just one letter – the letter ‘s’. When you say the phrase ‘thanks God’, it sounds bad. Why? Because we say ‘thank God.’

Of course, if you are religious and are actually speaking to God himself then ‘thanks God’ is fine, but when you are simply expressing that you are not in a bad situation, you need to say ‘thank God.’

So, for example, you’d say, „I am not ill at the moment, thank God.“

Another thing since we are on the subject of religion, we do not say Mr. God, like you Czechs. Or The God. We just say God, pure and simple. „I do not believe in God,“ or „Oh God, I’ve burnt the toast!“