To shave themeselves vs. to shave

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WRONG: I like men who shave themselves every day.
RIGHT: I like men who shave every day.

Some people like hairy men, some people don’t. What matters though is the way you present this in English.

You cannot say, „I like men who shave themselves.“ When you do, it sounds like they shave everything – their face, their chest, their hands, their back. They shave…themselves.

If you want to refer simply to the face, you  shouldn’t add the reflexive pronoun. Don’t say, „He shaves himself“ or „I shave myself.“ Instead, say, „He shaves“ or „I shave.“ We know you are talking about the face!

With women, however, it is a different story. If you say, „She shaves“, it is unclear what part of the body you are meaning. So better is to say, „She shaves her legs“, or „She shaves her armpits“ etc.