To sit in the shadow vs. to sit in the shade

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WRONG: When I’m hot, I like to sit in the shadow .
RIGHT: When I’m hot, I like to sit in the shade.

Shade and shadow are very confusing for students, so hopefully I can explain the difference.

Shadow is the outline of something, the dark shape caused by the sun shining against it. So a person has a shadow, or a tree has a shadow. And when you put your hands up in the light to make animal shapes, they are called shadow puppets.

Also, you might say that wolves and foxes lurk in the shadows, in the dark, unsettling shapes of gravestones or scary trees.

Shade is a more general word for the darker area, which is not directly in the sun’s rays. So you can find shade behind a house, or under a canopy. So when people are hot, they like to sit in the shade. The only way they could sit in someone’s shadow is if the person is really, really fat!