Roman vs. novel

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WRONG: When I’m on holiday I love reading a good roman.
RIGHT: When I’m on holiday I love reading a good novel.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

So does that mean that if all the Romans in Rome are all reading books, we should all should start reading romans? Well, actually, no. That sounds weird.

In English, a long, fictional story that you read is called a novel. We don’t use the word ‘roman’ at all for books.

So what do you call ‘Roman pro ženy?’ Well, actually, what with Britain being the super politically correct place it is, we wouldn’t categorise books as just being for women! That’s outrageous. We would put them in a category of ‘Romantic Fiction’ that all genders might enjoy.

Unofficially, however, we use the slang term “chick lit” meaning “literature” for “chicks” (girls).

So to conclude, here’s a conversation between a husband and wife:

Wife: Why haven’t you read the Bridget Jones novel I bought you?
Husband: You’re joking, I’m not reading that stupid chick lit!