Quite ok vs. quite good

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WRONG: The weather was quite ok.
RIGHT: The weather was quite good.

I have talked many times about the Czechs limited use of superlatives. Almost everything is ‘dobry’ or some other form of it. English speakers use so many more words – exciting, great, amazing, brilliant, awesome…the list goes on.

But there is also something wrong when Czechs use another word to describe things. Saying, „It is fine“ suggests that it was just ok. It doesn’t suggest that it was great. Fine means average.

Another mistake is saying that something is „quite ok“. It is wrong. Once again, ok means average, normal, right bang in the middle. So you cannot use an adverb of degree with it. It can’t be very ok, or extremely ok, or quite ok. Ok is just…ok.

So you can say, „The weather was fine“, or „The weather was ok.“ If you want to express something more, use dobry (good) or one of the more varied forms!