Notice vs. note

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WRONG: There was an official note saying we couldn’t smoke inside.
RIGHT: There was an official notice saying we couldn’t smoke inside.

Notes and notices can be easily confused. Notes are the things that we write down, for example, during an English class, or before we write an essay. They are unfinished scraps of information.

Notices are more official and they are usually found on the walls on buildings giving official information to people. ‘No Smoking’, or ‘All Bikes Parked Here will be Removed’ are examples of these. We also get notices through the post from gas or electricity companies or from the police, saying that we have to respond to something official, e.g. When we don’t pay the bill, or get a parking fine.

Another use of notice is when we tell our boss or our house landlord that we are leaving. We give our ‘notice’, and after giving our notice we serve a ‘notice period’, which we have to work/pay the rent etc. Notice also exists as a verb, meaning to see something.

Confused? Here they are together:

As I was writing some notes during my English language lesson, I noticed a notice on the wall saying, ‘All Students Must Complete a Registration Form.’