Mixed eggs vs. scrambled eggs

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WRONG: For a breakfast, I had bacon and mixed eggs.
RIGHT: For breakfast, I had bacon and scrambled eggs.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Personally, a cup of tea does me just fine!

However, when we talk about breakfast – or lunch or dinner – we don’t use an article. We don’t say we had ‘a’ breakfast, just – I had breakfast.

That is not the main focus here however. It is the repeated use of the term ‘mixed eggs’. If you say mixed eggs, I would think of a variety of different eggs – maybe a chicken egg, an ostrich egg and perhaps a goose egg all together. Interesting!

But that’s not what is meant. Mixed eggs in English is ‘scrambled eggs’.

So next time you tell me – or one of your other teachers – that you’ve had this for breakfast, say:

For breakfast, I had bacon and scrambled eggs.